Veloce Club Present: SA1NT, The Unbreakable Biker Brand.

Veloce Club Present: SA1NT, The Unbreakable Biker Brand. - Veloce Club

From indestructible jeans to a classic tee, Aussie brand SA1NT accelerates style with protection.

It’s a sunburnt summer evening when Guido King rides under Digswell Viaduct on his Royal Enfield 500 Bullet. He is of course repping Australian biker brand SA1NT’s classic black and white t-shirt. If you’re unsure of who SA1NT is, then you have been missing out. Aidan Clarke is the genius behind Melbourne-based clothing brand, SA1NT which specialises in motorcycle gear. And yet, they are so much more than just that, they have created jeans that are so tough they are known famously as “unbreakable”. Bolting together future innovations with the biker world fits so perfectly into Richard Malloy’s ethos of Veloce Club.

Richard Malloy, the man behind Veloce Club has set out to create a community, a brand for all bikers. Whether that’s adventuring around the UK, doing a ton on the way to the Ace Cafe, or perhaps you’re a learner finding your wheels. Like Veloce Club, SA1NT is about one pure thing, bikes. And that’s the fantastic thing about SA1NT, they create cool clothing whilst consistently modernizing to look at what people need.

SA1NT is beyond the garments they sell; they look toward technology whilst retaining what it means to ride. Being within a community, and feeling confident whilst riding. Take SA1NT’s MOTO jersey in their signature black and white colorway, it’s perfect for both on the track and off. It’s often difficult to find brands that cater to everyone’s needs both male and female, yet SA1NT just seems to nail it.

Whether it’s a sunburnt evening or you’re heading off on a ride to The Silver Ball Cafe in Royston, don’t go wearing some old t-shirt you’ve found at the back of your wardrobe, wear a brand who have the same goal in mind as you, riding.

Check out SA1NT on our store:

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