Age of Glory has arrived!

Age of Glory has arrived! - Veloce Club

It's arrived! Whoop, whoop! We've just brought onboard our latest brand - Age of Glory (available now on our website sorry about the obvious plug!) - these guys offer cool vintage and lifestyle clothing and apparel.

There style is inspired by the classic motorcycle look, but a bit va va vhoom added to it :)

We've got a range of t-shirts and neck tubes instock and on the site, and we've sent some of it to photographed, so we'll show that off soon! We're also waiting for more of their new Spring / Summer 2021 to drop really soon. As soon as it does we'll get it on the site.

Oh and did we mention that they come in with 50's style popcorn packaging? Too cool :)

We're doing a short write up about Age of Glory so watch this space :)


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