Veloce Club x SA1NT photoshoot

Veloce Club x SA1NT photoshoot - Veloce Club

We've just completed our first official photoshoot for Veloce Club with SA1NT products and we thought we'd tell you about!

It was a beautiful evening - the night are getting lighter and the sun was out, so Connor's idea was to do the shoot at Digswell Viaduct near Welwyn Garden City.

'Who's Connor?' - you ask. Connor is Connor Wells, a super talented local photographer based in Hitchin. Check out his website at - or his Instagram @cjw_hq. Connor is not only a photographer, he's a film maker, editor, youtuber and musician.

Film credit: Connor Wells

So off we go. Its at this point that Guido King (@guidoking_) joins us as our model: biker, musician, aficionado of all things 50's, owner of a Royal Enfield and did I also mention pipe smoker?

We get to Digwell Viaduct, Connor gets his cameras out, the drone starts flying (watch the video above) and Guido models like a pro; following his instructions 'look up, look over my shoulder, turn right, walk towards me' and so on. An hour later we are done.

The results... the results speak for themselves... amazing job - thanks guys!

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