Wildust Sisters Ride Like a Girl T-Shirt in Off White

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The raised fist... It's a well-known illustration, a bit traditional, revised in the Wildust style, but its symbolism makes so much sense, it was hard not to borrow it. :-)

A symbol par excellence of the resolve of the woman who refuses to submit, the one who defies obstacles with firmness. In this clenched fist is concentrated all the energy of will, ready to deploy itself to defend what you believe in.

Standing up against injustice, fighting for freedom, combating stereotypes and patriarchy.

And finally, more than a warrior's attitude, this drawing is a metaphor for guidance in the spiritual sense of the word. To brandish a lightning bolt to bring light and enlighten minds, isn't that what motivates us most?

Welcome to the latest addition to the retro T-shirt family.

A close-fitting cut, thick 160gr cotton, and contrasting edges on collar and sleeves, just like in the 70's!


  • Colour off white
  • Original Wildust design
  • 100% Organic slub cotton
  • 190gm
  • Classic Fit
  • V-neck