Stylmartin Ace Tan Brown Motorcycle Boots

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The Stylmartin Ace boots stand out as some of the most stylish motorcycle boots on the market. While excelling in their primary function of ensuring rider safety with internal polyurethane ankle protection, an oil-proof anti-slip rubber sole, and durable full-grain leather, these boots also boast a unique design feature. Unlike traditional boots with a visible leather overlap on the front to guard against shifter wear, the Ace boots feature a removable elastic gear protector. This clever addition allows you to effortlessly slide it off and tuck it away when not riding, transforming the Ace boots into a fashionable pair suitable for any high street.


  • Outer layer crafted from full-grain leather
  • Breathable liner for comfort
  • Subtle polyurethane ankle protection
  • Oil-resistant, anti-slip rubber sole
  • Includes a removable gear lever protector
  • Antibacterial and anatomically designed footbedz