Rokker Rokkertech Straight AAA Jeans in Blue

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Rokker's Rokkertech Straight Fit Jeans embody a classic fit accompanied by an authentic washed appearance, delivered in a premium package crafted with Swiss precision engineering for top-tier protection. These jeans are meticulously fashioned from ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene, or 'UHMWPE,' featuring fibres with double the strength of steel. The integration of cotton weaving around these UHMWPE cores enables Rokker to create a single-layered jean boasting remarkable abrasion resistance and extended slide times. Consequently, the Rokkertech Straight has earned the highest protection certification available - CE AAA.

Hailing from the Rokkertech line, these jeans stand out as lighter, more comfortable, and yet stronger than many comparable protective jeans on the market. They maintain a high level of proprietary stretch, ensuring all-day riding comfort. Whether on or off the bike, these jeans are designed to be treated like your regular everyday denim.

Equipped with incorporated knee and hip armour pockets, these jeans provide the flexibility to insert armour for enhanced protection at your discretion. Each pair comes complete with a Rokker canvas bag, and a t-shirt, and includes ultra-slim Sas-tec Air Knee and Hip protectors.


  • 50% cotton, 43% polyethylene, 6% elastomultiester, 1% elastane.
  • CE Level AAA certification for top-tier protection.
  • Integrated protector pockets at hips and knees, height adjustable for a personalized fit. Complete with the latest super flat, removable Sas-Tec Air knee and hip protectors.
  • Thoughtfully crafted without rivets to safeguard your motorcycle from scratches. Featuring the iconic ROKKER leather label on the waistband and back pocket.
  • Arrives in an exclusive canvas bag, accompanied by a T-shirt and Sas-Tec Air knee and hip protector.
  • Expertly made in Portugal.