Motorcycle D30 Ghost Back Protector

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D3O employs cutting-edge, patented, and proprietary technologies to create soft, flexible materials with exceptional shock-absorbing capabilities, tailored for various applications.

Introducing the D3O®Ghost™ Back protector, the ultimate choice for bikers and motorcyclists seeking maximum protection in a remarkably slim and flexible design. This innovative protector harnesses D3O's groundbreaking Impact Print™ technology, characterized by its open geometry, ensuring unparalleled freedom of movement and exceptional breathability.

The Ghost™ Back protector not only provides CE Level 1 certified low-profile protection but also conforms seamlessly to the wearer's back, effortlessly adapting to their every twist and turn. When it comes to reliable, hassle-free protection, the Ghost™ Back is unparalleled.

Key Product Features:

  • Unmatched Flexibility and Freedom of Movement: The Ghost™ Back protector offers unrestricted motion.
  • Excellent Breathability and Airflow: Stay cool and comfortable with optimal ventilation.
  • Thinnest D3O® Back Protector: Combining protection and flexibility in the slimmest design.
  • Certified to Exceed EN 1621-2:2014 and UKCA Standards: Meeting and surpassing industry requirements.
  • Multiple Integration Options: Choose from hook attachment, pocketing, or stitching for versatile use.
  • Retrofittable into D3O® Viper Garments: Enhance your existing gear with this compatible protector.
  • Fabric Side for Comfort: The protector's fabric side sits comfortably against your body.
  • Available in Three Sizes: Find the perfect fit for your needs.
  • Suitable for Snow Sports*: Ideal for various winter sports activities.

Elevate your protection and comfort with the D3O®Ghost™ Back protector, setting new standards in safety and flexibility for riders.