Fuel United Gloves in Yellow

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Fuel's exquisite retro riding gloves, crafted from premium cowhide leather, offer a luxurious and supple feel while ensuring supreme abrasion resistance. Double-stitched throughout for enhanced durability, these gloves feature stitched accordion baffles on the index and middle fingers, providing added flexibility. The elasticated cuff ensures a secure fit, and a velcro fastening tab adds to the comfort, ensuring a pleasant ride.

Designed to be a lasting companion throughout your motorcycling journey, these gloves boast incredible longevity, complemented by a clever double-end snap hook for off-ride convenience. Attach them to your belt, jeans, or bag—they remain united, secure, and nearly impossible to misplace.

Beyond their practical storage feature, Fuel's expertise in crafting beautiful leather riding gloves shines through. These gloves, true to form, are no exception—anticipate them aging with a graceful charm, becoming a timeless part of your riding gear.


  • CE approved
  • Colour yellow
  • Retro leather riding gloves
  • 100% cowhide leather construction
  • Double-stitched
  • Double-stitched accordion baffles
  • Double end snap hook for hanging the gloves as a pair to store or transport
  • Fuel logo on velcro fastening tab