Fuel Sixty Two Long Sleeve in Blue

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Fuel's "Sixty Two" long sleeve shirt draws inspiration from the legendary Fred Ludlow, a prominent board track racer in the 1910s who successfully transitioned to dirt track racing. Ludlow's pinnacle moment occurred in September 1921, securing five national championships at the M&ATA finale on the dirt mile in Syracuse, New York.

Despite facing seasoned veterans like Don Johns and Morty Graves, Ludlow emerged victorious, leaving an indelible mark on the racing scene of that era. His complete story is enshrined in the AMA Hall of Fame.

Crafted with the finest locally and sustainably produced Portuguese cotton, this limited edition T-shirt pays homage to Ludlow's legacy—once it's gone, it's gone! For regular use, turn the shirt's cuff, and when it's time to hit the road, stretch it out for a ride like Ludlow himself.