Fuel Rainer Suit in green

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Introducing the Fuel Rainer Suit, your reliable companion for staying dry and comfortable in challenging weather. This khaki waterproof ensemble, comprising a jacket and pants, not only exudes style but also comes loaded with features to elevate your outdoor experience.

With its generous cut, this suit is meticulously designed to be worn comfortably over your jacket. Opt for your regular size for the perfect fit.

Total Waterproofing: Engineered with precision and boasting thermally sealed seams, the Rainer Suit serves as your ultimate defense against rain, ensuring complete dryness even in the most torrential downpours.

Enhanced Visibility: Equipped with reflective trim, the Rainer Suit enhances your visibility, making you easily noticeable even in low-light conditions, ideal for evening rides.

Adventure-Ready: Whether you're trekking through the woods, navigating muddy trails on your bike, or simply facing a rainy day, the Rainer Suit is tailored to keep you dry and fashionable throughout any adventure.


  • Totally waterproof
  • Reflective trim
  • Sealed stitches
  • Cargo pockets
  • Integrated hood