Fuel Old School Long Sleeve in Brown and Green

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Embark on a journey through time with our "Old School" long sleeve t-shirt, a tribute to the forgotten era of board track motorcycle racing - the very genesis of America's passionate love affair with speed.

Jim David. Gene Walker. Fred Ludlow. Albert "Shrimp" Burns. Ralph Hepburn. Ray Weishaar. These were the daring young men hailing from farms and small towns who briefly captured the spotlight in the early 20th century. Their claim to fame? Navigating motorcycles around banked wooden tracks at breakneck speeds, often surpassing the thrilling mark of 100mph.

Crafted from the highest quality Portuguese cotton, produced locally and sustainably, this limited edition long sleeve t-shirt is a homage to those fearless riders of yesteryear. An exclusive piece, once it's gone, it's gone - so seize the chance to own a piece of this historic legacy.

For everyday wear, elegantly turn the shirt's cuff. When the call of the open road beckons, stretch it out and embrace the spirit of riding just like those legendary racers of old.


  • Colour Brown / Green
  • 100% cotton construction
  • Locally sourced and sustainable cotton
  • Limited Edition