Fuel Greasy Selvedge Jeans in Blue

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Fuel's Greasy Selvedge denim jeans stand as a distinctive creation. These jeans intertwine Selvedge denim with Aramid fibres, achieving a lightweight, comfortable fit while boasting an impressive AA safety rating.

Before the 1950s, fabrics, including denim, were woven on shuttle looms. These looms produced tightly woven strips of heavy fabric, with finished edges preventing fraying, ravelling, or curling - resulting in a "self-edge," hence the name "Selvedge" denim.

Fuel's jeans are meticulously crafted, utilizing both modern and vintage sewing machines that blend the essence of bygone eras with the functionality and safety standards of today. Some machines are a century old, contributing to highly robust stitching that imparts a sense of longevity and durability to Fuel's products.

Enhancing safety, the hip and knee protectors hail from Polyanswer, a premium Portuguese manufacturer of CE protectors. With a fusion of tradition and modernity, Fuel's Greasy Selvedge denim jeans embody a unique blend of style, comfort, and top-notch safety features.


  • Single layer 14oz Selvedge denim mixed with aramid
  • Tapered bottom legs
  • Polyanswer CE approved premium hip and knee armour
  • CE certified (prEN 17092-4:2017 Class AA)