EUDOXIE Pop Women's Gloves in Black and Pink

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Brimming with bold, feminine flair, the Eudoxie gloves are a sassy addition to your riding ensemble. Whether you choose the vibrant Pop Pink or the sophisticated Black and Gold, these gloves are a feather-light, summer must-have.

Fashioned from a deluxe, breathable leather, these black and pink gloves don't just look good—they play it cool. With built-in thermoregulation, your hands stay just as comfy as Goldilocks intended. Reinforced on palms and metacarpals, they offer soft-armour protection without sacrificing that delightful feel and flexibility. The index finger and thumb boast extra tactile grip, and a clever flexible insert lets your rings shine as you slide them on.

Sporting a vintage racing pattern and standout branding, the left glove proudly declares Eudoxie's mantra, "RIDE LIKE A GIRL." Easy to slip on and off, they snugly tighten at the wrist with a secure strap. These gloves are the epitome of off-road chic hitting the city streets.


  • Yellow / pink / white / black
  • Very soft, premium Leather
  • womens riding gloves
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Tightening Wrist
  • Reinforcements on the palm and metacarpals
  • Vintage racing chequered pattern
  • Extra resistant seams
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Keep your rings (soft leather around the first knuckle)
  • Leash strap
  • CE approved EN13594:2015