Ethen Cafe Racer Goggles - Black

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Ethen may be a newcomer to the motorcycle goggle scene, but their extensive expertise in crafting goggles for off-roading, skiing, extreme sports, and the military speaks volumes. Behold their Cafe Racer vintage black goggle, a visual masterpiece where the strap seamlessly attaches directly to the lens, creating a virtually frameless design. These goggles stand out as sleek and compatible with a wide range of helmets.

Experience unparalleled comfort with the double density foam directly attached to the lens, ensuring a secure and snug fit. The ventilation holes and anti-fog coating work harmoniously to prevent steaming up. The sturdy yet simple velcro patch attaches the straps, allowing easy customization with striking replacement options, giving you exceptional value for your investment. Opt for this version of the Cafe Racer goggle with its silver mirrored lens for added shatterproof durability and enhanced ventilation.


  • Black and grey checkers elastic strap
  • Frameless construction: padding and straps attach directly to lens
  • Curved UV-protective lens for wide field of view
  • Shatterproof
  • Extra ventilation
  • Lens has a silver mirror tint 
  • Double density foam for perfect fit
  • Straps attach with velcro patch and are easily swapped out
  • Variety of straps available
  • Silicon anti-slip strip on strap