Canadian based Resurgence Gear provides motorcycle jeans and motorcycle jackets lined with the revolutionary aramid called PEKEV®.


After completing and passing testing for conformity to CE certification EN13595-1 they achieved the coveted level 2 status with a record abrasion resistance of 10.83 seconds, exceeding the results from other motorcycle jeans by an impressive 1.5 times.


Additionally, the Resurgence Gear Voyager ladies motorcycle jeans are the only ladies jeans to achieve the CE EN13595-1 level 2 status along with the Resurgence Gear Cruiser Cargo Trousers offering the highest protection for all riders.


This brand is the ideal motorbike clothing to give you the peace of mind while riding your bike, and cool looks while off your bike.


Resurgence Gear clothing includes jeans, trousers and jackets and all include armour from D30.