Introducing the Bycity Rider 06 helmet

Introducing the Bycity Rider 06 helmet - Veloce Club

The By City Rider 06 helmet offers incredible versatility, catering to a wide range of riders and bikes. Its sleek fiberglass shell carries a subtle 80s design, combining classic aesthetics with the latest in safety and comfort technology.

With the detachable peak in place, the Rider transforms into a full-fledged adventure helmet. Removing the peak unveils a more aggressive, road-oriented appearance, allowing you to tailor the helmet's style to your preference.

Airflow is guaranteed not to be an issue, thanks to the numerous inlet and outlet vents strategically placed throughout the helmet.

Additionally, the crystal-clear injection-molded visor is fully compatible with an optional pin-lock anti-fog insert, ensuring clear visibility in varying conditions. Furthermore, the interior padding is not only comfortable but also removable and washable, ensuring your helmet remains fresh and comfortable.

The remarkable affordability of the By City Rider 06 helmet belies the exceptional build quality it offers. We've repeatedly found ourselves reaching for the Rider helmet whenever we embark on a ride, as its blend of style, safety, and comfort makes it an irresistible choice.

Whether you're cruising on your bike or embarking on an adventure, the By City Rider 06 helmet is the perfect companion that truly delivers on all fronts.

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