Biker Nexus

Biker Nexus - Veloce Club

Post. Meet. Ride. Repeat.

Biker Nexus started in 2021, born out of a simple idea - how to better connect with the at-large biker community.

The Biker Nexus app allows you to initiate your own ride outs, on your own terms. Other users see it, and can then decide if they want to join in. Bonus: you can do the same on theirs, too!


It’s not just ride outs, though. Maybe you’re planning a charity event. Maybe you’ve just moved to a new area, and want to meet other locals. Post something on the calendar, or make use of The Hub, for every other user to see, and respond to.


The first UK app-based community, specifically for bikers, Biker Nexus aims to bring together every rider. No matter what you ride, what your engine size, whether you’re on the road or off it, the Biker Nexus app will help connect you to others who share your passion for two wheels.


Biker Nexus is easy and free to use, so download the app now.


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