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Barnfield x TBM podcast - Veloce Club

As you all know we collaborate with The British Motorbiker - infact his own curated collaboration can be found here  - but last week Conor (The British Motorbiker) was interviewed by the guys at Barnfield for their new podcast, called Barnfield Radio.  


Follow this link to the Barnfield Radio podcast >> 


The podcast is a well worth a listen and documents Conor's journey into motorcycling - and its not your typical journey. Conor suffers from a condition known as Neuropathy, which is defined as damage to the nerves outside of the brain and spinal column. 


This has affected Conor throughout his teenage years and all the way through his adult life. At one point he struggled to walk and drive and was reliant on lifts from other people to get from A to B. 


Then Conor discovered motorbikes. Biking gave him is freedom and more importantly his independence. 


Listen to The British Motorbiker's full story over at the Barnfield Radio podcast.


Barnfield Radio is part of Barnfield and is the beautifully crafted establishment of Mark Warman. Read his story and that of Barnfield Customs here >>








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