Since 1972, Garibaldi® has been a leading manufacturer of garments, gloves, and accessories specifically designed for motorbike enthusiasts. Originally starting as a venture in the spare-part car market, under the brand name Pedro Guillamet, they successfully imported renowned Italian brands.


However, recognizing the immense potential in the motorcycle market, the founders of Garibaldi, Josep Maria Guillamet and Isabel Garibaldi, shifted their focus and established Guillamet Garibaldi. Subsequently, in 1975, the company underwent a name change to Garibaldi® and introduced their first major success, the Internazionale jacket. Another hit followed with the introduction of the Original, Spain's first wax jacket for motorcyclists.


During the 1980s, Garibaldi concentrated on crafting handmade competition leather suits and secured partnerships with renowned riders of the time, including Ricardo Tormo, Sito Pons, Aspar, Alex Crivillé, Alex Barros, Carlos Checa, Sete Gibernau, Toni Elias, Dani Pedrosa, Jordi Tarrés, Marc Colomer, Carlos Mas, David Checa, B. Grau, and P. Voltà. Many of these riders achieved World Champion titles while being associated with Garibaldi, totaling 18 championships.


In the early years, Garibaldi primarily manufactured rider leather suits and greasing garments at their workshop in Vilanova del Camí (Igualada). They also secured an exclusive distribution agreement in Spain with the renowned Italian helmet manufacturer Nolan Group®, which lasted until late 2019. However, in order to leverage their extensive experience, Garibaldi decided to establish their own line of helmets. Starting with an open-face collection in the summer of 2020, they expanded to include full-face and flip-up helmets throughout 2021. These helmets are equipped with Pinlock® technology and feature ample space for integrating a Bluetooth system.


Currently, a dedicated and cohesive team manages the company, working in collaboration with a group of loyal designers. In 2010, Georgina, the daughter of Isabel and Josep Maria, assumed leadership of the company. Since then, she has been committed to achieving excellence in all aspects of the business and fostering a culture of high quality.


Garibaldi takes pride in using the finest materials and fabrics for their garments, carefully selecting suppliers who are specialists in their respective fields to ensure the utmost quality.


An example of their commitment to innovation is the patented "Plis Plas" knuckle protector, a distinctive feature of their glove collection since 2021. This ventilated protector consists of two unique parts, providing enhanced ventilation based on the positioning of the upper part of the knuckle (which can be easily interchanged).


Additionally, this design allows for easy replacement of the upper part in case of damage and offers a wide range of color variations for both the lower and upper parts.


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