Veloce Club Christmas 2023 Party Invite for 2 December

Save the date! 

We want to party for our first Christmas, but we want to celebrate with all those who have helped us and made VC what it is. So this is a little private party to say thank you! 

Saturday 2 Dec
Time to be confirmed, but we are thinking late afternoon. 

VC of course! We'll start at VCHQ, but after food and depending on the mood we may (and if people want to) head off into Hitchin town for more beers and cheers :)  

We plan to put the tables in the shop and have a huge dining table with a full spread of food and drink. Any food ideas are welcome, but at this moment we are considering a winter BBQ! (Something different to the boring turkey!)

And yes, you'll be dragged into doing some on the day - from setting up the tables and decorations to serving drinks and helping with food lol! Basically everyone will muck in :) 

There will be around 24ish of us in total and it is also open to bring a plus1 -  so if you want to bring your other half then please do (let us know so we can confirm numbers).

Anything else?
Yes - Christmas jumpers are a must....*
Any party games, bring them along! 
The shop will close early on the Saturday, and will definitely be closed on the Sunday (unless Guido want's to open lol).
If you want drive and leave your car, you can do. If you need picking up from Hitchin station, we can arrange that too. 

Rich & Guido

*failure to comply to this may result in expulsion and permanent barring from the establishment... only joking :)