Wildust Sisters Aviator Jacket in Brown

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The latest endeavour from the Wildust Sisters was to revive a timeless classic, but for women - introducing the Wildust Sisters Aviator Jacket in Brown.

The iconic Aviator design, famously donned by great adventurers and US Air Force pilots, holds a significant place in history. Yet, it has long been confined to a masculine narrative. 

Like many tales of yore, the exploits of women were overlooked, their absence felt in the pages of history and in the attire of aviators. Aviation, Gulf, and Motorcycling - domains once exclusively male.

That's where we come in! From the outset, Wildust Sisters has been committed to rewriting HERSTORY. They champion the idea that women can ride with the same vigour, clad in attire not restricted to men.

We salute the women who dare, who ride, who shape HERSTORY! Let's redefine the legacy of this fabled aviator jacket, crafting a tailored and feminine silhouette for this exquisite leather garment. Want to delve deeper into our Wildust Sisters Aviator Jacket?


  • CE level AA
  • Colour brown
  • 1.1mm cowhide leather
  • Vintage tartan pattern
  • Lined with sherpa for added warmth
  • Armour included