Wentworth Shakedown Black Motorcycle Tool Roll

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Wentworth Moto proudly introduces its latest motorcycle luggage range, the motorcycle tool roll, this young brand is making waves in the motorcycle gear products. Among their stellar lineup, the Wentworth Shakedown motorcycle tool roll has caught our eye—and for good reason.

The Shakedown motorcycle tool roll stands out with its robust wax cotton outer layer and a plush yet durable corduroy inner lining. A plethora of sturdy elastic straps secures all your essential tools for the road, while a nifty mesh pocket keeps those smaller loose items in check. And here's the kicker—we're totally smitten with the "tray option." Snap three sides together with buttons, and voila! Your tools stay upright, and those pesky bolts won't be making a disappearing act off the face of the earth. Wentworth Moto is bringing the motorcycle tool roll game to a whole new level with the Shakedown. Ride on, equipped and stylish!


  • Corduroy inner
  • Zipped inner pocket
  • Waxed outer canvas
  • Elastic tool straps
  • Reinforced eye
  • Snap buttons
  • Strap and buckle
  • Mounting points