Rokker Rokkertech High Waist Womens Jeans in Blue

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The women's edition of Rokker's Rokkertech jeans adheres to the same groundbreaking single-layer formula as the original men's version, yet introduces a higher waist and slimmer legs for a tailored fit. Rokker has revolutionized rider safety with their advancements in single-layer technology, enabling them to infuse their denim with an authentic fashion fit and feel.

Crafted from ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene, or 'UHMWPE,' boasting fibres with twice the strength of steel, these jeans feature a construction where cotton is intricately woven around the UHMWPE cores. This innovative approach allows Rokker to create a single-layered jean celebrated for its impressive abrasion resistance and slide times.

Part of the Rokkertech line, these jeans are not only lighter, and more comfortable but also stronger than many comparable protective jeans on the market. They are an optimal choice for all-day wear, extending beyond your time on the bike.

With incorporated knee and hip armour pockets, these jeans provide the option to enhance impact protection. The jeans come equipped with D30 Knee protectors, and separate hip armour is also available for those seeking additional protection.


  • CE approved - Level AA
  • Stretch denim blended with UHMWPE fibres for abrasion resistance
  • Knee and hip armour pockets
  • Made without rivets to avoid scratching
  • Colour Blue
  • Single layer
  • Comfort fit with slim leg
  • High waist
  • Comes with a Rokker shoulder bag and t-shirt