Rokker Chino Tweed Trousers in Dark Grey

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Rokker is renowned for crafting the world's premier single-layer jeans, featuring high UHMWPE content for impressive strength and abrasion resistance. Breaking away from traditional bike jeans, Rokker excels in creating jeans with both style and substance.

Their innovation extends beyond jeans to include exceptional chinos and cargo pants, such as these tweed chinos representing the 'next generation.' Though fundamentally Rokkertech jeans, the unique twist lies in Armalith's 3D printing technique on the fabric's surface.

The herringbone tweed pattern 'printed' on these jeans gives them a sophisticated exterior, resembling casual trousers from a gentleman's outfitter. However, beneath the stylish facade, they maintain robustness with a UHMWPE composition, boasting an impressive AA rating under EN 17092. Accompanied by slim and pliable Sas-Tec armor, stretchiness, and excellent airflow due to the single-layer design, these chinos offer unparalleled comfort on and off the bike.

Admittedly, the fit leans toward the slimmer side, but the stretch ensures suitability for most body types. While tweed pants on a bike may not be everyone's cup of tea, they're a personal favorite for me. I often wear them in the office—comfortable as any trousers I own. The ease of inserting armor makes them ready for a ride whenever the mood strikes. Despite a few laughs from the warehouse upon my first appearance in them, a 'clip around the ear' set things straight, and I still appreciate these pants.

  • Tapered slim chino fit
  • CE Level: AA approved
  • Lightweight stretch twill with fine tweed optic and high abrasion resistant fibres
  • (67% cotton, 32% polyamide, 1% elastane), 25% elasticity
  • 12oz
  • Including latest super flat removable Sas-Tec Air knee and hip protectors
  • No rivets that scratch the motorcycle
  • Security pocket with zipper
  • Washable at 30°
  • Delivered in an exclusive canvas bag with T-shirt and Sas-Tec Air knee and hip protectors