Resurgence Gear Cargo PEKEV Trousers in Green

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The Cargo PEKEV® Trousers in Green redefine durability with a heavyweight cotton canvas, cocooning you in abrasion-resistant PEKEV® fabric from waistband to leg seam. This fabric isn't just a shield; it's a fortress against cuts, scuffs, and the harsh repertoire of a challenging environment—resistant to chemicals, detergents, and UV rays. Weighing in at 270gsm, it surpasses renowned aramid fibers in strength at over twice the density.

Beneath this robust exterior lies the stealthy safeguard of ultra-thin, CE approved D3O® Ghost armor at knees and hips, earning these trousers a prestigious CE Level AAA certification. It's not just protection; it's style fortified.

High-quality cotton, infused with built-in stretch, offers flexibility, while the PEKEV® lining disperses heat, ensuring a cool and regulated body temperature. The moisture-wicking mesh lining adds an extra layer of luxury, keeping sweat at bay and these trousers feeling soft hour after hour. The Cargo PEKEV® Trousers are not just attire; they're a testament to resilience, style, and comfort in every challenging terrain.


  • 80% PEKEV fabric coverage
  • Wicking mesh lining
  • Heavy weight cotton canvas
  • Two exterior side pockets
  • Slim leg, Levi 511 esque fit
  • Height adjustable knee armour pockets
  • Includes D3O’s revolutionary IP Ghost CE Level 1 armour at the knee and hips, 5mm thin for comfort and discretion with complete impact protection
  • YKK zip
  • Built in stretch