EUDOXIE Gold Women's Gloves in Gold/Black

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Designed for comfort, the EUDOXIE women's gloves in black offer a perfect blend of fun, style, and protection. On the left hand, which is often used to greet fellow bikers with the iconic "V," you'll find the signature phrase "Ride Like a Girl," symbolising the camaraderie of our crew during rides.

With a sleek and close-to-hand design, these black womens gloves ensure easy movement while riding, and a snug fit at the wrist adds to the overall perfection. Reinforced metacarpals and palms provide a combination of flexibility, safety, and comfort for a secure riding experience. Meeting CE approval and adhering to EN13594:2015 standards, these gloves guarantee level 1 protection in case of a fall.

Premium leather, breathable and thermoregulating, ensures you stay just right—neither too hot nor too cold. Tested for resistance against abrasion and tearing, the gloves offer durability. The elongated cuff shape not only facilitates easy wear but also adds an extra layer of coverage.

Ready to hit the road in style, these gloves feature a chic black, white, and gold checker design.


  • Premium leather
  • Breathable lining
  • Closure at the wrist
  • Extra resistant seams
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Long cuff
  • Keep your rings (soft leather around the first knuckle)
  • Leash strap