Ethen Scrambler Goggles - Black / Grey chequered

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Ethen, a newcomer in the motorcycle goggle market, boasts a rich history in crafting goggles for off-roading, skiing, extreme sports, and military use. Feast your eyes on their Cafe Racer goggle – a marvel where the strap seamlessly attaches to the lens, creating a virtually frameless design. These goggles not only exude sleekness but also offer compatibility with the majority of helmets. The double density foam ensures an exceptionally comfortable and secure fit directly attached to the lens, while ventilation holes and an anti-fog coating prevent steaming up. With sturdy yet simple velcro patch straps, you can effortlessly swap them out for striking replacement options, maximizing the value of your goggle investment.


  • Ethen-branded elastic strap in black design
  • Photochromic lens darkens in direct sunlight
  • Curved UV-protective lens for an expansive field of view
  • Comfort foam featuring a Coolmax layer
  • Velcro patch attachment for easily interchangeable straps
  • Multiple strap options for customization
  • Silicon anti-slip strip incorporated into the strap
  • Made in Italy