Ethen Scrambler Goggles - Black / Grey chequered

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Ethen, though relatively new in the motorcycle goggle market, boasts an impressive history in crafting goggles for off-roading, skiing, extreme sports, and military applications. Enter the Scrambler black & grey chequered goggles, exuding a vintage off-road charm. It's a straightforward yet highly effective goggle that delivers exceptional value for your investment. The photochromic lens adapts, remaining clear in limited light and darkening in direct sunlight. The soft yet robust frame is ergonomically shaped to seamlessly fit any helmet, complemented by Coolmax-lined padding for added comfort. Enjoy the flexibility of easily interchangeable straps, allowing you to match any helmet in your collection.


  • Photochromic lens turns dark in direct sunlight
  • Curved UV-protective lens for wide field of view
  • Comfort foam with Coolmax layer
  • Black and grey checkered elastic strap
  • Straps attach with velcro patch and are easily swapped out
  • Variety of straps available
  • Silicon anti-slip strip on strap
  • Made in Italy