Ethen Cafe Racer Goggles - Yellow

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Ethen's Cafe Racer goggles strike the perfect harmony between contemporary optic design and vintage motorcycle goggle aesthetics. Drawing on years of expertise in crafting high-tech eyewear for off-road, snow, and military use, Ethen has seamlessly translated this experience to cater to road-based motorcyclists. The double-density foam ensures a snug and comfortable fit for almost every face, while the silicon grip of the strap maintains its position on the helmet shell without requiring a retaining clip. The UV-protective lens, with a subtle tint suitable for road riding, maintains a curved shape that doesn't impede peripheral vision. The low-profile design, featuring a strap directly attaching to the lens, creates a sleeker silhouette that accommodates helmet eye ports that traditional MX-style goggles often struggle with.


  • Frameless low-profile design
  • Curved lens for a broad field of vision
  • UV-protective, with a slight tint
  • Double-density foam for a comfortable fit
  • Elastic strap with silicone gripper
  • Velcro strap attachment for easy replacement