Ethen Cafe Racer Goggles - Black / White chequered

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The new vintage Line from Ethen; frameless, the lens is the only bearing structure of this Cafè Racer goggle in black / white chequered.

The foam is pasted on the lens, the elastic strap is replaceable with velcro positioned on the final part of the elastic strap. Peculiarity of the goggle is retro look, the milling line all around the lens makes the goggle a little masterpiece of design Made in Italy.

Ultra shock absorber lens, photochromic and mirror bronze effect. It is an innovative lens combining the sharpness of the best mineral lens with impact resistance of an organic lens. The elastic strap has eco-leather finishing branded Ethen.

The goggle colours recall the 50/60s design.

This goggle is perfect for cafe racer, scrambler, custom and vintage bikes owners.


  • Black and white chequered elastic strap
  • Frameless construction: padding and straps attach directly to lens
  • Curved UV-protective lens for wide field of view
  • Shatterproof
  • Extra ventilation
  • Lens has a silver mirror tint
  • Double density foam for perfect fit
  • Straps attach with velcro patch and are easily swapped out
  • Variety of straps available
  • Silicon anti-slip strip on strap
  • Made in Italy