DMD Motorcycle Helmet - Rivale Racing

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DMD's Rivale racing helmet seamlessly marries retro cool with modern technology. Its minimalist design, devoid of unnecessary spoilers, pays homage to motorsport's golden age. The tri-compound fibre construction ensures a lightweight, compact profile without compromising protection. Integrated chin vents maintain aesthetics while providing essential ventilation. The removable, washable comfort liner guarantees enduring freshness. The Rivale is a true work of art, blending classic inspiration with contemporary functionality—a timeless choice for the discerning rider.


  • Made of fibreglass
  • Super-compact silhouette
  • Removable and washable comfort liner
  • Padded chin strap with double-d closure
  • Removable chin curtain
  • Pin visor closure
  • Made in Italy
  • ECE 22.05