D30 IP Ghost Hip / Shoulder armour

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The D3O D30 IP Ghost armour employs exclusive, patented, and cutting-edge technologies to produce soft, flexible materials that are highly effective in absorbing shocks, especially under varying rates of impact. Coming as a pair this armour can be used in either hip pockets or shoulder pockets. 

The D3O® Ghost series stands out as D3O's most slender and adaptable limb protection offering. Crafted to serve as hassle-free armour in motorsports and mountain biking, D3O® Ghost integrates the groundbreaking Impact Print technology.

This innovation enables unparalleled freedom in shaping and flexibility, setting a new standard in protective gear design.


  • CE certified to EN 1621-1:2012, Level 2, for Ambient and Wet conditions
  • Type A coverage
  • Superior breathability and low-profile design
  • Market-leading flexibility, with geometry which conforms to the limb, fitting perfectly against the body.
  • Simple integration into garments through hook and loop attachment space at the top of the protectors.