By City Detroit Winter Gloves Tan and Brown

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Alright, check out the Detroit winter gloves from ByCity—a slick combo of top-notch quality without breaking the bank. These gloves aren't just about looks; they've nailed the retro vibe with a mix of high-quality leather, suede, and stretchy inserts that make comfort a priority.

Now, let's get practical. Flexi-shock knuckle protectors aren't just there for show—they're your ride-or-die buddies, ensuring you can focus on the road without feeling like you're gearing up for a superhero showdown. And when it comes to the palm, it's got your back with an aramid fiber insert, ready to step in if things get a bit slidey.

Winter? No problem. The Detroit winter glove is your all-season partner, thanks to its waterproof membrane. And because we live in the age of constant connectivity, they threw in touchscreen compatibility at the index and middle finger. Need to adjust navigation or send a quick email mid-ride? Easy peasy.

Oh, and the fit? It's not a struggle anymore, thanks to the top-quality YKK® zip closure. With four colors to choose from, these gloves aren't just an accessory; they're your style sidekick, adapting to your riding vibe effortlessly. So, gear up—it's not just a glove; it's your ticket to a road-ready fashion game.


  • Premium cow leather.
  • Waterproof membrane.
  • Flexishock knuckle protectors.
  • Anti-abrasion aramid reinforcements in the palm
  • Touch screen function to index finger and thumb
  • Adjustable by YKK® zipper on the wrist
  • Stretch to the wrist and knuckles for comfort
  • Free keychain
  • Approved CE UNE-EN motorcycle: 13595:2015-CE
  • Available colours: Blue / Black / White / Brown.