What is PEKEV?

What is PEKEV? - Veloce Club

PEKEV, short for Performance Enhanced Knitted Fabric, is a highly advanced textile technology used in the production of motorcycle gear, particularly in protective clothing such as riding jeans, pants, and jackets.

PEKEV is designed to offer exceptional abrasion resistance and impact protection, making it a preferred choice for motorcyclists who prioritize safety without compromising on comfort and style.

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Here are some key features and benefits of PEKEV technology:

1. **Abrasion Resistance:** PEKEV fabric is engineered to provide superior abrasion resistance, which is crucial in protecting riders' skin during accidents or falls. The fabric's structure and composition make it highly resistant to tearing and wearing, reducing the risk of injuries in case of a slide on the road.

2. **High Performance:** PEKEV technology employs a combination of advanced synthetic fibers and special weaving techniques to create a fabric that can withstand high levels of friction. This makes it suitable for motorcycle gear intended to provide protection during potential impacts.

3. **Lightweight and Flexible:** Despite its impressive protective qualities, PEKEV fabric remains relatively lightweight and flexible. This ensures that riders can move freely and comfortably while wearing gear made with this technology, making it ideal for extended rides.

4. **Versatility:** PEKEV can be integrated into various types of motorcycle gear, including jeans, pants, jackets, and even shirts. This versatility allows riders to choose from a wide range of options while maintaining a consistent level of protection.

5. **Temperature Regulation:** Some PEKEV fabrics are designed to offer temperature-regulating properties. They can help manage body heat and moisture, keeping riders comfortable in various weather conditions.

6. **Stylish Design:** PEKEV technology can be incorporated into the design of motorcycle clothing without sacrificing style. This means riders can enjoy both safety and fashion while on the road.

7. **Certified Protection:** Quality PEKEV materials often undergo rigorous testing and certifications to ensure they meet or exceed safety standards set by various organizations within the motorcycle industry.

Overall, PEKEV is a testament to the ongoing advancements in textile engineering, providing motorcyclists with innovative gear options that prioritize safety without compromising on comfort, style, or freedom of movement.

As motorcycling continues to evolve, technologies like PEKEV contribute significantly to the overall riding experience by offering riders peace of mind and protection during their journeys.

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