Age of Glory: the brand binding the freedom of motorbikes with a 70s vision.

Age of Glory: the brand binding the freedom of motorbikes with a 70s vision. - Veloce Club

The biker brand riding into the days of 70s California for modern-day riders.

We’re reaching the summertime, where we’ll spend days riding through the British countryside on our way to Trip Out, finding hidden roads and feeling the wind (and flies) on our faces. And of course, being surrounded by your mates. It’s like something out of a movie, and the brand you decide to wear, well it’s got to be Age of Glory. They are a lifestyle, built on motorbike living, it’s for the 21st-century rider who aspires to be living in the 70s.

But who is Age of Glory you ask? Age of Glory is fairly new, created by Sebastian Gerodias whose love of all things vintage, off-road racing and 70s California living inspired him to make the brand. Built on nostalgia, everything from the deep 50s colours and classic fonts draws into the freedom of the past, with clothing constructed for the modern thrill seeker.

You can’t beat a classic bike, and the dedication to riding a bike in all weathers, that’s the silent code amongst bikers. No matter the weather or where you are, you’ll get on your bike and go anywhere! Age of Glory harnesses this with a 1970s vision for today’s bikers. You’re at a bike night when you take your Age of Glory Kanoko neck tube off, and show off your brand-new black Race Pirates t-shirt - that’s the moment you're part of the Age of Glory brand.

Age of Glory transports past styles to modern riders, and at Veloce Club, we want to reinstate classic biker values; Riding. Doing what you love in the most stylish, comfortable and currently classic gear you can find. Check out the full Age of Glory range now.

Words by Colleen :)

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